Laser Tattoo Removal

Why do people want to remove their tattoos?

Change of mind is the main motivator for tattoo removal/fading. This can be due to a life circumstance such as a break up or divorce, or job opportunities missed due to visible or inappropriate tattoos, such as the military or Police force. Poor workmanship or mistakes are also reasons to undergo tattoo removal/fading. Often clients want fading to enable other tattoos.

Our Equipment

Safe and effective tattoo removal

Lasers offer extreme precision for removing unwanted tattoos without damaging the surrounding skin. Tattoo inks are usually too large for the immune system to recognise which is why they are permanently suspended in the skin. Lasers selectively target and shatter the ink of the tattoo into smaller particles which the immune system can recognise and remove.

How it works

The Ultralase Q-Switched Laser is a highly focussed laser that is optimised for the removal of tattoos, particularly darker inks. Q Switched lasers emit short pulses of high energy light that shatter tattoo inks into tiny particles that are removed by the immune system with minimal effect on the surrounding skin.
The Ultralase Q-Switched Laser is highly successful at removing darker inks but can also be set to target different wavelengths to remove multi-coloured inks.

The number of treatments is influenced by the following:

• Skin Type

o Pale skin is easier to treat than darker skin as there is a bigger contrast between pale skin and tattoo ink.

• Placement of Tattoo

o The immune system clears laser shattered tattoo inks better when the tattoos are located on the torso. These tattoos require fewer treatments. Tattoos on the extremities such as feet or hands are cleared the slowest and therefore require more sessions.

• Colour of Tattoo

o Darker inks are easier to treat than lighter inks.

• Volume of Tattoo Ink

o Tattoos with minimal ink require very few sessions as they are easy to remove. These are usually amateur tattoos or cheap tattoos that were obtained whilst overseas in places such as Bali and Thailand.

• Depth of Tattoo

o The skin consists of multiple layers. The deeper the tattoo the harder it is to remove and the more sessions required.
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